The AI & Robotics Impact on Humanity Prize

The FII Institute is proud to announce The AI & Robotics Impact on Humanity Prize.

The Prize will invest $x each year to support the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics research to real-world solutions that address global challenges.

New technologies, including artificial intelligence and robotics, hold significant promise to address global challenges facing humanity.

The Impact on Humanity Prize is searching for the best and brightest ideas from all over the world. Ideas will improve the lives of all of us, maybe in ways, we can’t even imagine yet. We aim to participate in accelerating brilliant new technologies to market and delivering their benefits to everyone.

Each year, the Prize will focus on solutions to particular global challenges, such as food, water, energy, healthcare, and climate change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

The Prize seeks applications from researchers globally whose AI or robotics technology is focused on making a positive impact on humanity by addressing global challenges.

How will applications be evaluated?

We will convene an independent panel of global experts, led by a panel chair, to evaluate applications for originality, quality, and impact. The panel will have full authority to select winners.

Further details of the panel will be made available on this page soon.
The FII will have no say in the decision-making process.

When will the application window open?

We expect to open the Prize for applications in January 2023.

The inaugural winners of the Prize will be announced in October 2023 at the FII 7th edition.


The FII Institute will partner with Springer Nature, a leading provider of trusted information and services to the global scientific community, to manage and promote the Prize.