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​​​FII Institute is a new global nonprofit foundation with an investment arm and one agenda: Impact on Humanity.

Global, inclusive and built on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles, we foster great minds from around the world and turn ideas into real-world solutions in five critical areas: Sustainability, Healthcare, Education, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. We are in the right place at the right time: when decision makers, investors and an engaged generation of youth come together in aspiration, energized and ready for change. Join us to own, co-create and actualize a brighter, more sustainable future for humanity.

Our Focus Areas


FII Institute is committed to securing a​ zero-carbon footprint society. With that goal in mind, we support and deploy technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, work towards a healthier and more sustainable food supply chain, develop alternative sources of energy and help communities manage the effects of climate change.

Topics in focus include climate technologies, alternative and renewable energy, energy efficiency, fuel switch, carbon capture and storage, mobility and transport, agritech, smart materials, biodiversity, marine ecosystems, circular carbon economy, and deforestation.

As a responsible entity, we aim to manage our environmental and social footprints and improve our ESG performance year on year.


At FII Institute, we are disrupting the traditional healthcare and life-sciences industry by leveraging new applications of technology and research with the objective of improving access – especially in uninsured markets and quality and efficiency. We also address the spread and prevalence of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Topics in focus include digital and ​virtual health, mental health, disease prevention, precision healthcare, micro health clinics, medical devices, maternal and child health innovations, and restorative healthcare.

Our ESG reports aim to address the role companies can play to responsibly manage health risks to internal and external stakeholders, especially in light of the post-Covid “new normal”.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps machines process and gain insights from large amounts of data that would be overwhelming to the human brain, identifying pat​terns that lead to a wider range of solutions. FII Institute locates, advocates, and supports technology-for-good innovations that drive impact in our priority areas of health, education, and sustainability.

AI also helps further our pursuit of equitable Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, potentially revealing improved systems for ESG management, data integrity and collection, and reporting.


A key enabler of efficient, high-quality automation, robotics can play a fundamental role in a productive zero-carbon economy. FII Institute actively seeks out, supports and leverages technology-for-good applications to achieve our objectives of equitable access to healthcare and education and global food security.

As a responsible entity pursuing equitable ESG standards, we seek to find a balance between advancements in robotics and the need to maintain and improve employment in global markets.​


​​FII Institute is built on three pillars – THINK, XCHANGE, ACT – through which we pursue our objectives from strong ESG principles. Our THINK pillar empowers the world's brightest minds to identify the best paths to a brighter future. Our XCHANGE pillar creates platforms where experts, innovators, leaders and investors come together to share knowledge and collaborate towards change. Finally, our ACT pillar seeks out and invests in innovative technologies promising globally relevant, real-world solutions.​


At the intersection of human need, technological feasibility and economic viability lie the answers that will shape a better world for all. Led by experts and overseen by academia, FII Institute's THINK labs empower the world's brightest minds to identify the solutions that make a difference to lives globally. We do this by collaborating with high-calibre partners, building momentum towards change, and pursuing thought leadership in service of humanity.


All things are possible when thought leaders and change-makers come face to face. FII Institute's XCHANGE pillar is rooted in the need for global collaboration to create global good. Here, we build inclusive platforms for international dialogue, knowledge sharing and partnership, bringing together innovators, leaders and investors in a community of influence eager to participate in shaping a better future for all.


ACT is the investment arm of FII Institute, catalyzing projects to move​ beyond research and dialogue to secure real-world solutions. ​Committed to ESG principles, we ensure that leading innovations make it out of the lab and into the market. By proactive development of pipelines in our five focus areas -​Sustainability, Healthcare, Education, AI, and Robotics – we identify best-of-breed start-ups vetted by our experts and invest directly in the technologies of the future.

FII Institute unveils new Inclusive ESG Framework and Scoring Methodology

The new Inclusive ESG Framework and Scoring Methodology aims to give unbiased ratings for companies in emerging markets. It has been developed with the assistance of Ernst & Young (EY), and the methodology values performance improvement more than breadth of disclosure, emphasizing sectoral challenges rather than country risks, to ensure fair competition between companies in both emerging markets and developed markets. The Inclusive ESG Framework and Scoring Methodology was developed based upon 20+ interviews with leading investors under the guidance of a Steering Committee. The scoring methodology was validated with back-testing on 40 companies in 4 Ems. Investors are encouraged to incorporate Inclusive ESG into their decision-making and the design is modular to facilitate integration. If you would like to attend a “deep dive” seminar with the EY team that led the development of the Inclusive ESG toolkit, send an email to: esg@fii-institute.org

ESG Framework and Scoring Methodology

You can download an overview of the Inclusive ESG Framework and Scoring Methodology here.

Master Deck

You can download the Master Deck (100+ slides) technical design here.

Validation Report

You can download the Validation Report here.

The global infectious disease index

The Global Infectious Disease Index is a unique platform providing data on both endemic and epidemic diseases.

Developed by the FII Institute and partners, knowledge from the index will drive decision making to reduce the burden and threats of infectious diseases so that the Globe can be better prepared to mitigate unnecessary deaths from infectious diseases, and to transform the health of our world for the better

FII Institute Collaboration with Springer Nature

We are proud to announce our first project with Springer Nature where we are supporting scientific content, from influential opinions to reviewed research in AI and Robotics.

The goal of this collaboration between Springer Nature and FII Institute is to help accelerate solutions to urgent societal challenges. The content will be updated with research articles from Nature Portfolio journals, plus explanatory features on AI and robotics on nature.com


Introducing TH!NKpod, FII Institute’s exclusive new #podcast series featuring the world’s brightest minds and prominent leaders whose journeys will inspire you to make an #ImpactOnHumanity.


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Latest Publications on all FII Institute's focus areas. To access more Publication, please follow the "view all" button on the left.

June 27, 2022

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June 27, 2022

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