At FII Institute, we believe in the power of inclusive ESG principles to unite the global community in achieving sustainable development goals for the benefit of all. As investors seek to enhance the sustainability performance of their portfolios, pressure is mounting on organisations to track and improve ESG implementation. But as ESG frameworks and rating mechanisms continue to proliferate, questions arise regarding standards equitability when considering the unique economic, social and cultural realities of emerging markets. FII Institute aims to harness our THINK, XCHANGE, ACT platforms to (1) increase awareness about the shortcomings of current ESG standards and their impact on global sustainability prospects, (2) advocate an inclusive and equitable application of ESG, and (3) bring together key players to improve implementation globally.


Selected ESG-related publications from FII Institute.

December 21 ,2020

Redefining ESG Achieving Inclusive Global Sustainable Development April 2021

December 21 ,2020

Mobilizing ESG for A Sustainable Future The Post Event Report April 2021

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