What We Do


​​FII Institute is built on three pillars – THINK, XCHANGE, ACT – through which we pursue our objectives from strong ESG principles. Our THINK pillar empowers the world’s brightest minds to identify the best paths to a brighter future. Our XCHANGE pillar creates platforms where experts, innovators, leaders and investors come together to share knowledge and collaborate towards change. Finally, our ACT pillar seeks out and invests in innovative technologies promising globally relevant, real-world solutions.

Think ​

At the intersection of human need, technological feasibility and economic viability lie the answers that will shape a better world for all. Led by experts and overseen by academia, FII Institute's THINK labs empower the world's brightest minds to identify the solutions that make a difference to lives globally. We do this by collaborating with high-calibre partners, building momentum towards change, and pursuing thought leadership in service of humanity.


All things are possible when thought leaders and change-makers come face to face. FII Institute's XCHANGE  is rooted in the need for global collaboration to create global good. Here, we build inclusive platforms for international dialogue, knowledge sharing and partnership, bringing together innovators, leaders and investors in a community of influence eager to participate in shaping a better future for all.​


ACT is the investment arm of FII Institute,  catalyzing projects to move beyond research and dialogue to secure real-world solutions. ​Committed to ESG principles, we ensure that leading innovations make it out of the lab and into the market. By proactive development of pipelines in our five focus areas – Sustainability, Healthcare, Education, AI and Robotics – we identify best-of-breed start-ups vetted by our experts and invest directly in the technologies of the future.