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At the intersection of human need, technological feasibility and economic viability lie the answers that will shape a better world for all. Led by experts and overseen by academia, FII Institute's THINK labs empower the world's brightest minds to identify the solutions that make a difference to lives globally. We do this by collaborating with high-calibre partners, building momentum towards change, and pursuing thought leadership in service of humanity.

The global infectious disease index

The Global Infectious Disease Index is a unique platform providing data on both endemic and epidemic diseases.

Developed by the FII Institute and partners, knowledge from the index will drive decision making to reduce the burden and threats of infectious diseases so that the Globe can be better prepared to mitigate unnecessary deaths from infectious diseases, and to transform the health of our world for the better


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July 03 ,2021

Ending Deforestation

December 21 ,2020

Preventing the next Global Pandemic – the case for a tuberculosis vaccine