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· January 27, 2023

FII6 Post Conference Report

Introduction: THE WORLD IS FACING UNPRECEDENTED THREATS, BUT this is also a unique time of new opportunities, said Richard Attias, CEO of the FII Institute, welcoming a high caliber international audience to Riyadh for the FII’s sixth edition. Attias told the three-day conference: “We are on the road to a new global order …

· January 25, 2023

S2/014 | Leyla Acaroglul | What schools and universities don't teach us

In this week's episode, we unpack what schools and universities don't teach us and how embracing systems thinking could be the way to drive development. We host Leyla Acaroglu, the Founder & Chief Disrupter of the Unschool of Disruptive Design.

· January 25, 2023

S2/018 | Chris Spedding | How digitization is destructing the cold-war mindset?

This week we host Chris Spedding who is a specialist in disruptive technologies and will share what will be the impacts of technology, especially on our daily lives.

· January 25, 2023

S2/017 | Somi Arian | What's the value of decentralization?

This week we will be joined by Somi Arian, a Technology philosopher, Filmmaker, Author, and Entrepreneur and tackle the decentralization of technology, gender, NFTs, communities, and crypto.

· January 25, 2023

S2/016 | Anna Moore | Creating value in the transition to net-zero

McKinsey is set to make up tp $12 trillion dollars in a year for new green-growth markets in the net-zero transition. In this episode, we host Anna Moore who is a sustainability specialist with a passion to tackle green investments and how basic materials will be sustained.

· January 25, 2023

S2/015 | Anthony Berkley | Role of generational talent in Middle East in driving investment

In this week's episode of THINKpod we speak to Mr. Anthony Berkley, the director of ACT & Head of Investment FII Institute as he discussed investing in humanity. THINKpod is the debut podcast from the FII Institute, featuring a deep dive into real-world solutions to some of the biggest questions facing humanity.

· January 25, 2023

Dr. Tamer Elsayed

Dr. Tamer is an ideal CFO who believes that a company's financial well-being is a mental, emotional, and educational process. Having obtained CPA and CGMA credentials, he has earned a Professional Doctorate Degree in Global Finance, and he brings over two decades of experience in embedding financial governance across organizations, which has proven …

· January 25, 2023

Lifting the language barrier

THE ISSUE AT STAKE WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. At least, technologically speaking. So rapid is online word-of-mouth that breaking news stories nearly always hit Twitter before national media sites. Viral TikToks travel tens of thousands of miles in seconds. And all it takes is a smartphone to speak with or see anyone, almost …

· December 16, 2022

S2/013 | Abdullah Alkanhl | Long-term benefit of investing in Saudi Women in Tech

In this week's episode we explore the transformative power of Digital Inclusion and how investing in Saudi Women in Tech will benefit in the long term? We are joined by Abdullah Abdulrahman Alkanhl, the Group Chief Strategy Officer in STC telecom in technologies services providers in Saudi Arabia.

· December 16, 2022

S2/012 | David Palmer | How Web3 will transform business and society rather than Big Tech?

In this week's episode, we host David Palmer Blockchain lead, Vodafone Business on how Web3 will transform business and society rather than Big Tech?

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