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We believe in the power of inclusive ESG principles to unite the global community in achieving sustainable development goals for the benefit of all. As investors seek to enhance the sustainability performance of their portfolios, pressure is mounting on organizations to track and improve ESG implementation.

FII Institute at ESG Summit

ESG is a comprehensive framework for organizations that want to do what they do well — and enact change that matters — in our highly complex and interconnected world. 


FII Institute launched its Inclusive ESG methodology in 2022 in partnership with EY, and in a continuation of these efforts to unlock financial flows from ESG funds to emerging markets, in 2023, FII Institute launched the Inclusive ESG Score and Tool in partnership with ESG Book. 

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Inclusive ESG Score & Tool

Helping emerging market companies and global investors to unlock ESG investments.

Inclusive ESG Framework and Scoring Methodology for Emerging Markets

You can download an overview of the Inclusive ESG Framework and Scoring Methodology here.

Inclusive ESG Framework and Scoring Methodology validation report

You can download the Validation Report here for ESG Master design toolkit

FII Institute unveils new inclusive ESG framework and scoring methodology

The new Inclusive ESG Framework and Scoring Methodology aims to give unbiased ratings for companies in emerging markets. It has been developed with the assistance of Ernst & Young (EY), and the methodology values performance improvement more than breadth of disclosure, emphasizing sectoral challenges rather than country risks, to ensure fair competition between companies in both emerging markets and developed markets. 

The Inclusive ESG Framework and Scoring Methodology was developed based upon 20+ interviews with leading investors under the guidance of a Steering Committee. The scoring methodology was validated with back-testing on 40 companies in 4 Ems. Investors are encouraged to incorporate Inclusive ESG into their decision-making and the design is modular to facilitate integration


Organizations with healthy ESG scores not only perform better financially; they can weather the storms of change. They have longevity and stability so that they can keep delivering their valuable solutions to humanity uninterrupted. 

How much energy and resources a business uses, and what impact it has on the planet.
The relationship an organisation has with people, partners and communities.
Aligning decisions with internal and external values, guidelines and laws.



In her op-ed, Courtney Powell emphasizes the urgency of addressing climate challenges through innovation and collaboration. She highlights the critical role of venture capitalists in funding startups that can develop technologies to mitigate climate impacts, particularly in emerging markets.


AI for ESG Impact Report 2024

Sustainable finance stands at a crucial crossroads as we confront the pressing challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource depletion. These issues pose significant threats to the very foundation of our economy and society. In response to these challenges, sustainable finance has emerged as a powerful tool to guide investments towards environmentally and socially […]


Inclusive ESG For Emerging markets Post Event Report

WELCOME REMARKS FROM THE CEO OF FII INSTITUTE If the planet has huge problems – its temperature has warmed up to ice-cap-melting levels and its accelerating loss of animal and plant species has been described as a sixth mass extinction – it also potentially has  significant resources to devote to these problems. To stave off […]


Redefining ESG Achieving Inclusive Global Sustainable Development

As we continue to battle a global pandemic, we need to rethink our approach to sustainability. For despite the progress achieved since the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted, and the growing alignment of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles with the SDGs, achieving just and inclusive sustainable development remains one of the major global challenges of our time.


The Nuanced Application of ESG: Event Recap

Nuanced ESG application was a dominant theme at the FII Institute Series inaugural ESG virtual event help on the 15th of April 2021. Speakers gathered virtually from around the world agreed that the tipping point for ESG in the global marketplace has passed. Today’s challenge is how ESG standards can be refined, standardized, and deployed across global markets to achieve maximum pact for society and the environment.


White Paper: FII Institute on ESG

An unprecedented series of recent supply chain disruptions have highlighted the need for alternatives to complex global systems. Fast and versatile, micro-factories the size of shipping containers can make supply chains more resilient and value creation more decentralized – with significant social and environmental benefits.


Fair shares green finance for a just transition

FII INSTITUTE publishes its fourth impact report as the world slowly begins to settle on its “new normal,” the boundaries of which are still being defined. The pandemic has caused tremendous loss and suffering but has also focused attention on the need for concerted action to pre-event and respond to future health and environmental crises.


Mobilizing ESG for A Sustainable Future The Post Event Report

With the beginning of economic recovery in sight, attention is turning to the kind of future we want to live in. we have an unprecedented opportunity to build a sustainable world characterized by just and inclusive growth.