A zero-carbon world is possible.

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We believe that a zero-carbon footprint is possible, and we are actively working towards making it a reality. We seek out and invest in the companies that are on the cutting edge of sustainability, who are leveraging technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, secure a more sustainable food supply chain, develop alternative sources of energy, and help communities manage the effects of climate change. Through smart, targeted intervention we are helping move the needle on global sustainability.

Our knowledge publications also help educate and inform policy makers, investors and business executives who are forging the path towards a sustainable future for all.

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We are committed to reducing our own carbon footprint year after year.

Featured Publications

Desalination Impact Report 2023

Check out our Desalination Impact Report to explore how desalination stands out as a game-changing technology that has proven valuable in making an Impact on Humanity.

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Latest Publications on Sustainability

Desalination Impact Report 2023

Check out our Desalination Impact Report to explore how desalination stands out as a game-changing technology that has proven valuable in making an Impact on Humanity.

Hydrogen Impact Report 2023

Check out the Hydrogen Impact Report to learn how hydrogen is being catalyzed around the world and plans for how it will power our future.

Sustainable Fashion: Radical Rethink Needed on Global Clothing Trade

Today’s throwaway clothing or “fast fashion” has negative environmental impacts at every stage of its life cycle. Current systems are not sustainable. We need to change what our clothes are made from, where and how they are produced, and how we dispose of them.

The Right to Nutrition: How to Feed The World

Progress made to reduce hunger in recent decades is now going into reverse. Only a concerted effort on many fronts will restore productivity to degraded soil and produce crops that can survive in the hot, dry conditions that are becoming common.

FII PRIORITY Summit Post Event Report

A Summit to Define Humanity’s Highest Priority Enlightenment has often followed humanity’s darkest hours. In a time of extraordinary social and economic transformations and shifting geopolitical alliances. The Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute, in line with its mission to have a positive impact on humanity, has hosted a capstone summit to identify and explore the […]

Spotlight Series: Calling Flood and Fire

HOW TO PREDICT AND PREVENT NATURAL DISASTERS There is a critical need for better understanding of the behavior of wildfires and the causes of floods – to prevent, if not the disaster itself, at least the loss of lives. To get there, we need a combination of data and science-based monitoring systems with indigenous knowledge, as well as stronger regional and international cooperation.

Circular Carbon

Race is on to find solutions to slow down global warming! TO SLOW DOWN GLOBAL WARMING WE NEED TO REMOVE CARBON FROM THE AIR Numerous methods have been identified, both natural and technological, for extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Experts are urgently investigating their viability, relative costs and potential trade-offs, synergies and downsides.

Inclusive ESG For Emerging markets Post Event Report

WELCOME REMARKS FROM THE CEO OF FII INSTITUTE If the planet has huge problems – its temperature has warmed up to ice-cap-melting levels and its accelerating loss of animal and plant species has been described as a sixth mass extinction – it also potentially has  significant resources to devote to these problems. To stave off […]

Redefining ESG Achieving Inclusive Global Sustainable Development

As we continue to battle a global pandemic, we need to rethink our approach to sustainability. For despite the progress achieved since the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted, and the growing alignment of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles with the SDGs, achieving just and inclusive sustainable development remains one of the major global challenges of our time.

The Nuanced Application of ESG: Event Recap

Nuanced ESG application was a dominant theme at the FII Institute Series inaugural ESG virtual event help on the 15th of April 2021. Speakers gathered virtually from around the world agreed that the tipping point for ESG in the global marketplace has passed. Today’s challenge is how ESG standards can be refined, standardized, and deployed across global markets to achieve maximum pact for society and the environment.

One-pager: Climate Bang for the Buck

Resources are scarce, and the challenge is huge: To fight climate change as efficiently as possible, we should globally invest in the mitigation technologies that can reduce greenhouse gases most efficiently. But what are they?

White Paper: FII Institute on ESG

An unprecedented series of recent supply chain disruptions have highlighted the need for alternatives to complex global systems. Fast and versatile, micro-factories the size of shipping containers can make supply chains more resilient and value creation more decentralized – with significant social and environmental benefits.

One-pager: Zooming for Future

Home offices are far more sustainable than office-offices, we were told during the pandemic. But how much resources does working from home really save? And how sustainable will our post-COVID office-mix be?

One-pager: When Will We Meat Again

With skyrocketing food prices, the livelihood of billions of people is at risk. Plant-based alternatives to meat and milk can increase food security by decreasing livestock feed. The time is ripe for massive upscaling of meat and milk alternatives – and an equally massive down-scaling of prices.

Digital Coffee Table Book

WHAT IS HUMANITY? Humanity bears two distinct yet complementary meanings: the adjectives “human” and “humane” reveal the complexity of a notion that is both scientific and spiritual.

Securing a future for coral reefs

ABOUT TWO-THIRDS OF THE GLOBAL extent of tropical coral reefs has al- ready been lost – 14 percent of that in the last decade alone, largely as a result of cli- mate change. Even if we reach the most ambitious goal of the Paris Agreement, 75–90 percent of those remaining are projected to disappear by 2035. Securing a future for coral reefs requires an all-hands-on-deck effort. We must mobilize scientists, technologists, innovators, policymakers and philanthropists. We need to develop and deploy at scale the next generation technologies and science that will enable us to conserve and restore coral reefs.

Fair shares green finance for a just transition

FII INSTITUTE publishes its fourth impact report as the world slowly begins to settle on its “new normal,” the boundaries of which are still being defined. The pandemic has caused tremendous loss and suffering but has also focused attention on the need for concerted action to pre-event and respond to future health and environmental crises.

Whitepaper on Bio-diversity

WHY BIODIVERSITY IS ESSENTIAL TO SUPPLY CHAINS ECOSYSTEMS AND SPECIES IN JEOPARDY Deforestation is the greatest threat to biodiversity worldwide and the rate of species extinction is accelerating. But changes to our diet can help to save the planet.

Spotlight Series: Factory in a Box

An unprecedented series of recent supply chain disruptions has highlighted the need for alternatives to complex global systems. Fast and versatile, microfactories the size of shipping containers can make supply chains more resilient and value creation more decentralized – with significant social and environmental benefits.

Spotlight Series: Sustainable Farming

In the Green Revolution of the 1960s and ’70s, high-yield crops and agro-tech dramatically increased land productivity and food output. This time it’s different: To feed a growing population and to cope with harsh environmental constraints, agriculture must increase resource productivity and sustainability. This requires a New Green Revolution.

Ending Deforestation

Explore the pressing issue of deforestation, its impact on climate change, biodiversity, and human health, and the global action needed to address it.

Mobilizing ESG for A Sustainable Future The Post Event Report

With the beginning of economic recovery in sight, attention is turning to the kind of future we want to live in. we have an unprecedented opportunity to build a sustainable world characterized by just and inclusive growth.

A sustainable Future is within your grasp

We published this Impact report as the world sits at a crossroads, being pulled in two directions. Covid-19 has devastated economies as an estimated 1.6 billion workers globally face threatened livelihoods. Economic recovery and job creation are now a top priority. At the same time, we face a climate crisis that prevents us from firing up those engines of economic growth that have proved so environmentally damaging in the past.

Don’t Forget Our Planet

Dive into a green recovery; explore nature-based solutions for a sustainable, resilient future.