At the intersection of human need, technological feasibility and economic viability are the answers that will shape a better world for all. 

Guided by experts, partnered with esteemed academia, and run through a passionate team, FII Institute's THINK pillar aims to empower the world's brightest minds to identify the solutions that make a difference in lives globally. We do this by collaborating with high-caliber partners, building momentum towards change and pursuing thought leadership in the service of humanity.
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The nature outlook

In collaboration with
FII Institute has announced its first project with Springer Nature supporting scientific content, from influential opinions to reviewed research in AI & Robotics.

The goal of this collaboration between Springer Nature and FII Institute is to help accelerate solutions to urgent societal challenges. The content will be updated with research articles from Nature Portfolio journals, plus explanatory features on AI and robotics on

the priority report

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What is humanity’s top priority? In line with our mission to create positive impact on humanity, FII Institute’s first annual Priority Report aims to uncover the needs, wants, hopes, and expectations of every individual across demographics, across generations and across the world. With our partner IPSOS, we surveyed 130K adult citizens from 13 countries representing approximately 50% of the global population.

The global infectious disease index

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The Global Infectious Disease Index is a unique platform providing data on both endemic and epidemic diseases.

Developed by the FII Institute and partners, knowledge from the index will drive decision making to reduce the burden and threats of infectious diseases so that the Globe can be better prepared to mitigate unnecessary deaths from infectious diseases, and to transform the health of our world for the better.

algoritmi prize

Part of FII 6
Each year, the Algoritmi Prize will focus on a different global challenge facing the world community across topics such as food and water security, healthcare, energy and climate change. All eligible applicants will be invited to an open competition, evaluated by an independent panel of global experts.

The winning applicants will then receive funding to develop and scale their technology, while getting access to the FII Institute’s platforms where they will be able to share their research with investors, academics and decision-makers. Applications will be open in January 2023, and the winners of the first prize will be announced October 2023 at the FII 7 th Edition.

Humanity Award

Part of FII 5
The Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute for Humanity Award was launched at the 5th Anniversary of FII

International advocate for women’s and children’s rights, Dame Graça Machel, and award- wining singer and humanitarian Gloria Gaynor are the first two recipients of the inaugural award in recognition of their distinguished careers and exemplary commitment to progressing positive impacts on humanity.


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Introducing TH!NKpod, FII Institute’s exclusive new #podcast series featuring the world’s brightest minds and prominent leaders whose journeys will inspire you to make an #ImpactOnHumanity.

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Guidance for the global community of investors, policy makers, business executives and humanists seeking insight into a promising future.

Lifting the language barrier

The FII Institute explores how technology can bridge linguistic barriers & create a more interconnected world through machine translation. Join us in shaping a more inclusive & compassionate global community

January 25, 2023

Powering up: A revolution in robotics and artificial intelligence

We are now living through the early stages of a similarly rapid revolution in robotics and artificial intelligence — and the effect on society could be just as enormous.

December 12, 2022

Sustainable Fashion: Radical Rethink Needed on Global Clothing Trade

Today’s throwaway clothing or “fast fashion” has negative environmental impacts at every stage of its life cycle. Current systems are not sustainable. We need to change what our clothes are made from, where and how they are produced, and how we dispose of them.

December 12, 2022

The Right to Nutrition: How to Feed The World

Progress made to reduce hunger in recent decades is now going into reverse. Only a concerted effort on many fronts will restore productivity to degraded soil and produce crops that can survive in the hot, dry conditions that are becoming common.

November 4, 2022

FII Priority Summit Post Event Report

A Summit to Define Humanity’s Highest Priority Enlightenment has often followed humanity’s darkest hours. In a time of extraordinary social and economic transformations and shifting geopolitical alliances. The Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute, in line with its mission to have a positive impact on humanity, has hosted a capstone summit to identify and explore the […]

October 21, 2022

Spotlight Series: Disease Data

IN SEPTEMBER 2021, THE FII INSTITUTE launched its Global Infectious Disease Index (GIDI), providing valuable information to help health professionals and the general public assess the readiness and vulnerability of global healthcare systems in tackling endemic and emerging epidemic diseases. Since its launch, GIDI has acquired a reputation as a scientifically rigorous and credible resource, unique in its field, that serves as a transparent metric and a unified source of truth for anyone with an interest in infectious diseases.

September 28, 2022
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