At the intersection of human need, technological feasibility and economic viability lie the answers that will shape a better world for all. 

Guided by experts, partnered with esteemed academia, and run through a passionate team, FII Institute's THINK pillar aims to empower the world's brightest minds to identify the solutions that make a difference in lives globally. We do this by collaborating with high-caliber partners, building momentum towards change, and pursuing thought leadership in the service of humanity.
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The nature outlook

In collaboration with
FII Institute has announced its first project with Springer Nature supporting scientific content, from influential opinions to reviewed research in AI & Robotics.

the goal of this collaboration between Springer Nature and FII Institute is to help accelerate solutions to urgent societal challenges. The content will be updated with research articles from Nature Portfolio journals, plus explanatory features on AI and robotics on

The global infectious disease index

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The Global Infectious Disease Index is a unique platform providing data on both endemic and epidemic diseases.

Developed by the FII Institute and partners, knowledge from the index will drive decision making to reduce the burden and threats of infectious diseases so that the Globe can be better prepared to mitigate unnecessary deaths from infectious diseases, and to transform the health of our world for the better.

Humanity Award

Part of FII 5
The Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute for Humanity Award was launched at the 5th Anniversary of FII

International advocate for women’s and children’s rights, Dame Graça Machel, and award- wining singer and humanitarian Gloria Gaynor are the first two recipients of the inaugural award in recognition of their distinguished careers and exemplary commitment to progressing positive impacts on humanity.


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Guidance for the global community of investors, policy makers, business executives and humanists seeking insight into a promising future.

Circular Carbon

Race is on to find solutions to slow down global warming! TO SLOW DOWN GLOBAL WARMING WE NEED TO REMOVE CARBON FROM THE AIR Numerous methods have been identified, both natural and technological, for extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Experts are urgently investigating their viability, relative costs and potential trade-offs, synergies and downsides.

July 30, 2022

Impact June 2022 – Digital Twin

A digital twin is the virtual version of something that happens or exists in physical space – whether a process, person, or object. The digital twin operates in the same way as their physical relative, and in real time, coded as a virtual model to carry out the same tasks or think in the same way. The concept of the digital twin has now moved out of industry and into everyday life with the rise of the Metaverse, as we start to see digital twins of ourselves likely to live, work, and play within it.

June 27, 2022

One-pager: When Will We Meat Again

With skyrocketing food prices, the livelihood of billions of people is at risk. Plant-based alternatives to meat and milk can increase food security by decreasing livestock feed. The time is ripe for massive upscaling of meat and milk alternatives – and an equally massive down-scaling of prices.

March 14, 2022

Impact Report 2022: Robotics Revolution

FII Institute publishes its fifth impact report as we enter a golden age for innovation in robotics. In the mid- 20th century, many scientists and writers envisioned the 2020s as full of highly intelligent robots of all shapes and sizes. While this might not have happened quite as imagined, things are now changing fast.

March 1, 2022

Spotlight Series: PRO ANTIBODIES

Pneumonia is, in most cases, a curable or preventable disease. But it remains the leading infectious cause of death globally among children under the age of five, disproportionately affecting the most deprived and marginalized. An effective and affordable vaccine is the best way to tackle this global challenge.

February 16, 2022

Closing the gaps how technology is changing the face of education

FII INSTITUTE publishes the fifth of our re- port series as millions of children remain without access to basic education. The digital divide is growing wider between people and regions that have access to modern information and communications technology and those that don’t. It cuts across class, race and national borders, leaving the ‘haves’ with the highest-quality education available, and the ‘have-nots’ with little or no access to quality education.

October 25, 2021