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Abandoned: The Human Cost of Neurotechnology Failure

When the makers of electronic implants abandon their projects, people who rely on the devices have everything to lose.

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Bioinspired robots walk, swim, slither and fly

Engineers look to nature for ideas on how to make robots move through the world.

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Miniature medical robots step out from sci-fi

Tiny machines that deliver therapeutic payloads to precise locations in the body are the stuff of science fiction. But some researchers are trying to turn them into a clinical reality.

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Learning over a lifetime

Artificial-intelligence researchers turn to lifelong learning in the hopes of making machine intelligence more adaptable.

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Teaching robots to touch

Robots have become increasingly adept at interacting with the world around them. But to fulfil their potential, they also need a sense of touch.

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ESG Investing

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Investors are increasingly applying these non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities.


Vertical Farming

Crops are planted in vertical tubes and are stacked on top of each other using vertical racks. Growing plants vertically gives farmers the ability to grow more crops in a smaller area, enabling them to maximize the available space and increase yield per square foot of land.


Water Desalination

Desalination is an artificial process by which saline water (generally sea water) is converted to fresh water. The most common desalination processes are distillation and reverse osmosis. There are several methods. Each has advantages and disadvantages but all are useful.

AI & Robitics

Classroom Personalization

Personalized learning is an educational approach that aims to customize learning for each student's strengths, needs, skills, and interests. Each student gets a learning plan that's based on what they know and how they learn best. Personalized learning doesn't replace an IEP, a 504 plan, or intervention programs.