FII PRIORITY summits are more than just gatherings of forward-thinking leaders — they are engines for action, hosted on six continents in cities that are driving the trends that will shape humanity’s collective future. Global figures convene to translate the pressing issues attracting global attention into concrete strategies. More than reflecting on the status quo, the Summits’ agendas encompass topical issues on a macro scale, plotting the course from today’s challenges to tomorrow’s touchstones. Anchored by the FII Institute’s groundbreaking PRIORITY Compass report, which reveals the key priorities of individuals worldwide. The FII PRIORITY experience also reflects the FII Institute’s three pillars: THINK, XCHANGE and ACT.

Under the theme, “Invest in Dignity,” the FII PRIORITY Rio de Janeiro summit will delve into how investing in the ecological transition, technology and innovation, and social inclusion can build a new global order that prioritizes dignity for all. Ensuring that global citizens’ dignity is nurtured and protected stands as a pivotal global objective and is inextricably intertwined with sustainable development and economic prosperity. 

Under the captivating theme ‘Infinite Horizons: Investing Today, Shaping Tomorrow,’ FII8 will ignite discussions on how investment can serve as a catalyst for a prosperous and sustainable future, pushing the boundaries of what is possible for humanity.

FII8 promises to be a melting pot of innovative ideas, bringing together global leaders , entrepreneurs, political leaders , media and decision-makers in finance, AI, sustainability, energy , geoeconomics, space and beyond. By focusing on the theme of ‘Infinite Horizons,’ this year’s conference will challenge attendees to think beyond conventional limits and explore investment opportunities that can bridge current challenges with future possibilities.

FII8 is being held October 29-31, with a variety of external engagements to be hosted throughout the week of October 27 for FII Institute members, invited delegates, and strategic partners. Discussions at the conference will be data-driven, ensuring that insights are grounded in facts and actionable strategies.

The Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute presents “The New Compass” — an interactive program designed to help investors recalibrate the pathways for their companies and for the global economy, while developing new strategies for understanding the greatest challenges and opportunities of this new era. Now in its 7th Edition the FII invites the world’s leading investors, business leaders, policymakers, inventors, and explorers to come together to discover the new markets and navigate new frontiers of economic growth and prosperity.

FII PRIORITY is a program powered by FII Institute, consisting of summits, initiatives, and resolutions anchored by the Institute’s FII PRIORITY Compass, focused on humanity’s priorities, concerns, and hopes. The summit is designed to deliver impactful change by transforming ideas into tangible solutions.

Previous summits have been hosted in New York, London, and Miami, and this will be the first FII PRIORITY summit coming to Asia, in partnership with The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX).

A summit where Humanity is the Priority. FII PRIORITY 2023, powered by FII Institute, will be a disruptive global conversation with far-reaching impact bringing together the world’s leaders from business, government, academia, civil society, technology, and the media to engage in game-changing discussions that shape the global agenda. This year, it will take place in Miami on the 30th and 31st of March 2023 and is set to discuss the priorities in the minds and hearts of all individuals from every age, background, and culture, across all continents. The summit will continue the dialogues that was first started after the results of a worldwide survey titled the ‘PRIORITY Report’.

Enlightenment has often followed humanity’s darkest hours. In a time of extraordinary social and economic transformations and shifting geopolitical alliances, the Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute, in line with its mission to have a positive impact on humanity, will host a capstone summit to identify and explore the highest Priority of all humankind.

On September 22nd, 2022 in New York City, PRIORITY will uncover the number-one Priority in the minds and hearts of all individuals from every age, background and culture across all continents. Then, in a series of interactive conversations and debates among a range of stakeholders — including investors, policymakers, business leaders, media titans, Nobel laureates, athletes, experts, global citizens and anonymous heroes — PRIORITY will determine humanity’s most pressing need and desire — it’s a top Priority.

In revealing the world’s highest Priority as we transition to a new global order, PRIORITY will serve as an essential building block for the sixth edition of the Future Investment Initiative. It will be the call to action to help humanity survive and thrive in a complex new world.

Welcome to the sixth edition of the Future Investment Initiative (FII), powered by the Future Investment Initiative Institute. FII will be held in Riyadh from 25-27 October 2022 and will convene the world’s foremost CEOs, policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs, and young leaders to shape the future of international investment and the global economy.

Last year’s theme—Invest in Humanity—continues to guide our thinking for this year’s FII. Economic opportunities abound across every continent—but supply shocks, inflation, a global energy crisis, and geopolitical conflicts present deep challenges.

This year’s FII will include in-depth conversations about new pathways for global investment; analysis of critical industry trends; and unparalleled networking among CEOs, world leaders, and experts. We invite you to share your ideas at the frontier of this new world.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing has become one of the most important forces in global business today, with ESG assets slated to reach USD $53 trillion by 2025, comprising a third of global AUM. While new frameworks and rating mechanisms continue to proliferate, there are still many outstanding questions about how to effectively implement ESG in emerging markets each with their own specific economic, social, and cultural dynamics. As global businesses and investors seek to urgently align sustainability with financial performance focused on new economic and environmental priorities, there are many competing perspectives on how to approach these issues.

During this critical time, the Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute has set out to develop a more direct, robust road map for the future of ESG, particularly in emerging markets. To support this important work, the Institute will convene a community of Global Heads of Sustainability, ESG, and Stewardship; CEOs; government officials; social innovators; thought leaders; and other experts to engage in vital conversations that will shape the future of the global ESG agenda, and support investors with the tools and knowledge to drive sustainable, alpha-generating investment strategies.


In January 2021, the Future Investment Initiative Institute hosted a hybrid virtual and physical gathering of CEOs and policymakers to celebrate a neo-renaissance of the global economy. Now, as our new collective future begins to take shape, it is more important than ever for this community to organize around the central challenge of our time — how to Invest in Humanity. For many at the top of the economic pyramid, the pandemic unleashed new sources of wealth and economic growth. For others, it brought widespread social and economic challenges. Structural inequalities between rich and poor and developed and emerging economies are unsustainable. How can leaders from business and government leverage the transformations of the past year to ensure progress, prosperity, and opportunity for all? Join us to participate in shaping a prosperous, sustainable future for Humanity.