25 - 27 October, 2022

FII 6th Edition: Investing in Humanity

Enabling a New Global Order
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Welcome to the sixth edition of the Future Investment Initiative (FII), powered by the Future Investment Initiative Institute. FII will be held in Riyadh from 25-27 October 2022 and will convene the world’s foremost CEOs, policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs, and young leaders to shape the future of international investment and the global economy.

Last year’s theme—Invest in Humanity—continues to guide our thinking for this year’s FII. Economic opportunities abound across every continent—but supply shocks, inflation, a global energy crisis, and geopolitical conflicts present deep challenges.

This year’s FII will include in-depth conversations about new pathways for global investment; analysis of critical industry trends; and unparalleled networking among CEOs, world leaders, and experts. We invite you to share your ideas at the frontier of this new world.

About FII 6th Edition: Investing in Humanity


As the pandemic recedes from our collective consciousness—and as a war in Europe upends long-established power structures—the world begins to get a clearer sense of large-scale dynamics that will define the next century and beyond.

Welcome to the New Global Order

The New Global Order faces unprecedented challenges just as it dissolves distinctions between the physical world and the virtual world. It is redefining what it means to be human. It is forcing centuries-old concepts like art and money to be reconceived on the blockchain. And it is enabling a new generation of space entrepreneurs to expand the boundaries of the known universe.

Will this new global order ignite investments and innovations to solve the wealth gap? Will it inspire businesses and governments to deliver high-quality healthcare, education, and jobs for all? Will it enable sustainable investments to solve the energy crisis, while empowering new engines of economic growth? Will it optimize the potential of our youth? And will it inspire every person, company, institution, and government on the planet to invest in humanity?


Heads of State



Leaders in Finance and Investment

Heads of Multilateral Institutions

Founders and Entrepreneur

Technology Pioneers

University and Think Tank Experts

Futurists, Scientists, and Visionaries



Editorial Pillars







  • The Great Recalibration: Navigating a Bipolar World
  • The Meta-Industrial Revolution: The Future of Industry is Knowledge
  • War and Peace: The Role of Business in Geopolitical Conflicts
  • Trees of Life: Advances in Biotech and Revolutions in Longevity
  • Inclusive Investment: How to Optimize Returns When Everyone Becomes an Investor
  • A New Arms Race: AI and the New World Order
  • The New Golden Age: Solving Pay and Wealth Gaps with Future Tech
  • Risk-Mitigating the World: Resilience and Opportunity Beyond Covid
  • Remote for All: The Future of Work in Emerging Markets
  • Systemic Shocks: Are Supply Chain Constraints the New Norm?
  • The Ultimate Frontier: The Future of Space Investing
  • The Gen Z President: How Should We Invest in Training Future Leaders?
  • New Fronts in Cybersecurity: What Does the Future Hold for Cyber Warfare?
  • Leading the Charge: The Future of Sovereign Wealth
  • Next Generation Sustainability: Investing in the Next Big Green Tech
  • Virtual (In)Equality: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Metaverse
  • Into the Truth Economy: The Investor’s Role in the Misinformation Wars
  • Capital Instability: What Crypto Volatility Portends for the Future of Investment
  • Robots Among Us: Where to Invest When Robots are Everywhere
  • Superhuman: Investing in Medical Breakthroughs to Solve Global Health Inequality
  • Rising Rates: Will Inflation Dampen—or Fuel—Continued Growth?
  • Regenerative Agriculture: How to Feed the World During War and Global Warming
  • Herd Immunity: How Can Investors Solve Vaccine Inequalities in Production, Trade, and Delivery?
  • A Bigger Brother: What Data Privacy Means in the Metaverse
  • Centralizing the Decentralized: A Conversation on How—or Whether—Governments Can Regulate AI, the Blockchain, and the Metaverse
  • 22nd Century Alchemy: Can Future Tech Turn 2 Billion Metric Tons of Waste Into Gold?
  • Technological Sovereignty: The Coming Semiconductor War
  • Gamechangers: The Future of eSports and Gaming in Crypto, Cloud, and AR/VR
  • Culture Creation: Safeguarding the Creative Economy Against Future Economic Crises
  • Neom and Beyond: Will 2022 Mark the Turning Point for Green Energy?
  • Donors Anonymous: Trends in Crypto-Philanthropy
  • Speeding Up Cooling Down: Investing in Solutions to Extreme Ocean Warming
  • Liberating Education: How EdTech is Changing Education As We Know It
  • Generation Alpha: Can Fintech Solve Financial Illiteracy and Improve Consumer Well-Being?
  • Neighborhoods 2.0: Investment Opportunities in Cheaper, Faster, and More Equitable Community Tech
  • Succession Success: How Family-Owned Businesses and SMEs Can Guard Against Future Global Risks
  • Fortifying the Past’s Future: Investing in the Revival of the Cultural Heritage Sector
  • Investing for the Long Term: From Q4 2022 to FY 2122
  • Empowering the New Planet: Sustainable Investment and Development as the Youth Agenda
  • Responsive Leadership: Trust, Responsibility, and Soft Power in the Age of Cancel Culture




The war in Ukraine has upended the global energy economy, clearing the way for new ideas and partnerships. How will this reconfiguration of energy supplies change the sector and global energy supply chains? What will the global energy crunch mean for net-zero objectives and the advance of renewables? Which new energy leadership will emerge?



Rising generations of employees are expressing vastly different expectations than previous generations—for financial compensation, work-life balance, flexible office hours, political activism, and more. How will young employees and senior business leaders strike a balance for the greater good of companies, economies, and the planet? How are younger business leaders displacing old norms and creating new workplace cultures and expectations?

Program & Speakers

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute is a global nonprofit foundation with one agenda: impact on humanity. Championing ESG principles, we aim to catalyze positive impact in five focus areas: Education, Healthcare, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. We do this through working across our three pillars – THINK, XCHANGE, ACT – to empower the brightest minds, create platforms for knowledge sharing and partnership and invest in real-world solutions that benefit everyone.

At FII Institute, we are focused on five areas: Education, Healthcare, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. By directing efforts and resources towards these core areas, we believe we can create a positive impact on humanity.

FII Institute is built on three pillars – THINK, XCHANGE, ACT – through which we pursue different objectives. Our THINK pillar empowers the world's brightest minds to identify the most practical solutions for a brighter future. Our XCHANGE pillar creates platforms where experts, innovators, leaders and investors come together to share knowledge and collaborate towards a common goal. Finally, our ACT pillar supports and invests in innovative technologies that offer real-world solutions, with a commitment to ESG principles.

FII Institute's key differentiator is action. We take research-driven endeavors beyond the typical scope by taking action through investment in future-facing, real-world solutions. We are also vocal in calling on the global community to take action, creating platforms where ideas are formed and securing investment to make them a reality. The FII Institute is firmly committed to achieving equitable and inclusive ESG principles as a way toward global sustainability and a brighter future. We aim to increase awareness about ESG and improve the implementation of current standards. Click here to take a look at our Inclusive ESG™ Framework and Scoring Methodology.

FII Institute is governed by an independent Board of Trustees made up of civic leaders, entrepreneurial pioneers and noted academicians, entrusted with guiding and empowering the Institute to achieve its mandate based on strong ESG foundations. More information about out Board of Trustees can be found here.

FII Institute is a globally funded nonprofit foundation serving humanity. Our multinational team works from hubs around the world, collaborating with the best and brightest to resolve the key issues facing society and the planet, and investing globally in the innovations that will help shape an equitable, peaceful future for all. Our offices are located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Washington DC, USA.

As the pandemic recedes from our collective consciousness - and as a war in Europe upends long-established power structures - the world begins to get a clearer sense of large-scale dynamics that will define the next century and beyond. The 6th edition of FII will address the following questions: Will the new global order ignite investments and innovations to solve the wealth gap? Will it inspire businesses and governments to deliver high-quality healthcare, education, and jobs for all? Will it enable sustainable investments to solve the energy crisis, while empowering new engines of economic growth? Will it optimize the potential of our youth? And will it inspire every person, company, institution, and government on the planet to invest in humanity?

The 6th edition of the Future Investment Initiative will be convened in person, over the course of three days, from the 25th to the 27th of October 2022, in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). FII Institute is coordinating with the relevant authorities to ensure all regulations and protocols are thoroughly implemented and to ensure the highest level of safety for all its speakers, attendees, and guests. Regular communication will be extended, as the Institute continues to monitor the state of the pandemic in line with international and local regulations.

A dedicated application will be made available to all speakers and attendees, allowing them to access all information pertaining to the 6th edition of FII, from logistics and operations to programming. The app will also enable the scheduling of bilateral meetings and will provide regular notifications about the proceedings.

The FII app allows you to bookmark sessions, highlighting them as part of your personal agenda.

• For general enquiries: • Stay connected with FII Institute by visiting the website: • Follow FII Institute on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube: @FIIKSA

FII Institute leads a number of global dialogues annually, most recently convening a summit in London about ESG in Emerging Markets. On 22 September 2022, the Institute will host PRIORITY, a summit in New York City to be held on the sidelines of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly. The Institute will continue to shape additional platforms to underscore its imperatives around sustainability, healthcare, artificial intelligence, robotics and education throughout the year.

FII is hugely popular across the world and with some travel restrictions still in place, we have made allowances for virtual attendees just as we did in the January and October 2021 events. Media and guests will be able to watch the sessions live, interact through the platform and keep up-to-date with announcements and events.

We have been very encouraged by the levels of interest and the discussions we have had so far and we are confident that this will be a successful event. FII is a global platform and we expect that the speakers and attendees will reflect that global outlook. We welcomed thousands of moderators, speakers and guests from more than 88 countries last year, and we look forward to building on that success for the 6th edition of FII. This year, we are introducing new concepts, discussing new topics, and expecting first-time speakers and attendees. A series of multidimensional content experiences will be available, most of which will be delivered by international experts including plenary dialogues, emerging trend workshops, interactive salons, marketplace debates, augmented technology rooms, global virtual hubs, media announcments and leadership masterclasses.

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