FII 7th Edition: The New Compass

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About FII 7th Edition: The New Compass

The Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute presents “The New Compass” — an interactive program designed to help investors recalibrate the pathways for their companies and for the global economy, while developing new strategies for understanding the greatest challenges and opportunities of this new era. Now in its 7th Edition the FII invites the world’s leading investors, business leaders, policymakers, inventors, and explorers to come together to discover the new markets and navigate new frontiers of economic growth and prosperity.

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Program at a Glance

Explore more about FII 7th Edition: The New Compass program agenda and a detailed list of speakers that we expect to join our event by downloading the file in the link below:


Explore FII 7th Edition: The New Compass's factsheet which includes the program's objectives, priority outcomes, call to action, expected audience and more by downloading the file in the link below:

Post Event Report

FII Institute welcomed over 6000 delegates from around the world to recalibrate “The New Compass” and embark on a collective journey to address humanity’s most pressing challenges. Check out the key insights and outcomes of FII7 in the Post Event Report.

Frequently Asked Questions


FII Institute is presenting the theme of FII7: “The New Compass” to help leaders and explorers chart a new path toward a brighter future for all.

FII7 is an interactive platform designed to help investors recalibrate the pathways for their companies and for the global economy, while developing new strategies for understanding the greatest challenges and opportunities of this new era. Now in its 7th Edition, FII is bringing together heads of state, policymakers, CEO’s, investors, innovators, academia, media leaders, and youth to discover the new markets and navigate new frontiers of economic growth and prosperity.

FII7 will be convened in person, October 24-26, 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Attendance is exclusive to officials, policymakers, speakers, strategic partners’ guests, media, and FII Institute members.  

FII7 Conference will be attended by renowned world leaders, policymakers, top CEOs investors, academia, NGOs, entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists activists, and media.

Yes. Attendees will be invited to download the FII7 Application to enhance their attendance and engage with their peers, develop their own personal agenda, and learn more about FII Institute. To download the FII7 Application from Google Store, click here and access the Appstore FII7 Application from here.

Yes, the sessions will be live-streamed for those who are unable to attend in person.  You will be able to request access to the live-stream link prior to the conference.

Membership is the best way to stay connected with FII Institute after the platforms.  


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FII Institute is a global non-profit foundation driven by data with an investment arm and one agenda: Impact on Humanity. Global and inclusive, we foster great minds from around the world and turn ideas into real-world solutions in four critical areas: AI & Robotics, Education, Healthcare and Sustainability.

At FII Institute, we are focused on four key impact areas: AI & Robotics, Education, Healthcare, and Sustainability. 

We are in the right place at the right time. Decision-makers, investors and an engaged generation of youth are motivated, energized and ready for change. At FII Institute, we harness that energy through our three pillars: THINK, XCHANGE and ACT.

THINK empowers the world’s brightest minds to identify technological solutions to the most pressing issues facing humanity. XCHANGE builds inclusive platforms for international dialogue, knowledge-sharing and cultivating global collaboration. ACT is the investment arm of FII Institute, catalyzing projects to move beyond research and dialogue to secure real-world solutions.

FII Institute operates under a unique model with three pillars: THINK, XCHANGE, and ACT. In synergizing its three pillars, FII Institute is effectively a data-driven “do-tank”   that catalyzes solutions for today’s most pressing challenges to humanity. Through its work, FII Institute makes an Impact on Humanity.  

FII Institute is governed by an independent Board of Trustees made up of civic leaders, entrepreneurial pioneers and noted academicians, who are entrusted with guiding and empowering the Institute to achieve its mandate based on strong ESG foundations. More information about our Board of Trustees can be found here.

FII Institute headquarter is based in Riyadh with other international offices on process. Our multinational team works from hubs around the world, collaborating with the best and brightest to resolve the most pressing issues facing the world, and investing in innovations that will help shape an equitable future for all. 

Besides the annual FII flagship conference, FII Institute also holds FII PRIORITY Summits, a global initiative growing all around the world and bringing together delegates from various industries to engage in disruptive conversations. 

With discussions led by industry titans and brilliant minds, we strive to create a roadmap for the future. The FII PRIORITY Summit continues to be a platform where "doers" from around the world come together to explore and shape the new global order​.

FII Institute will be hosting FII PRIORITY Hong Kong this year in December.  Learn more here

FII Institute membership is not only an investment in yourself, but an investment in your impact on humanity. Our membership program will give you access to exclusive new paradigms to connect with like minded individuals including changemakers, non-conformists, and futurists who are keen to make a purposeful impact with their legacies for a better sustainable future.

To further empower this exclusive community, FII Institute ensures that each member is living this purpose through his or her own unique contribution, aligned with our shared values, and invested in their role as a global citizen. Join us to own, co-create and actualize a brighter, more sustainable future for HUMANITY.

  • Platforms: Exclusive access to the FII Flagship conference in Riyadh with a reserved seat in the plenary as well as other global summits annually.
  • Insight & Knowledge Exchange: Priority access to publications, data-driven market insights and exclusive membership webinars.
  • Impact Investing: Access to innovation-driven investment opportunities through the Institute’s investment arm.
  • Networking: Invitations to private networking platforms with leaders and change-makers around conferences and summits.
  • Recognition: FII Institute Member Profile Badge at conference and summits; Acknowledgement on the Institute’s Member’s page.
  • Concierge Service: A dedicated Membership Manager to enhance your engagement with the Institute throughout the year.

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