FII Institute’s Global PRIORITY Summit Closes with Another Round of Unexpected Conversations To Shape the New Global Order

April 5, 2023

The second day of FII Institute’s Global PRIORITY Summit was a continuation of unexpected conversations as the over 700 delegates heard from brilliant minds across industries on creating a roadmap for the future.

MIAMI – (March 31, 2023) – FII Institute’s Global PRIORITY Summit in Miami closed with disruptive and unexpected conversations on peace and prosperity, upcoming big ideas for investments, AI ethics, and risks, space as a new superpower, trust in the media – and hope.  

The summit’s over 700 delegates crowded the plenary for talks on geopolitical affairs as Jared Kushner took the stage with Brian Hook to discuss his ideas for making a way forward through peace and prosperity in this new global order, and Dr. John Chipman of IISS set the backdrop with a 360-degree geopolitical review.

The surprising conversations did not stop there. Moderated by Adam Neumann, founder of WeWork and Flow, the two tycoons of venture capital – Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz – discussed leveraging technology for the severe global housing shortage. Shervin Pishevar hosted Dr. Alan Baratz and John Quinn to share timely insights into the future and risks of AI. Nicolas Gaume interviewed brilliant pioneers Hélène Huby, Alan Pellegrini, and Jane Poynter to learn more about how humanity can harness space as a new frontier. Finally, Semafor and former Bloomberg Media CEO Justin B. Smith hosted Faisal J. Abbas to ask about what might be done to mitigate the alarming dip in the trust of media.

These conversations were a continuation of the previous day’s unpredictable discussions with titans of industry like Stephen Wynn and Nelson Peltz, who highlighted the power of using business and investment to shape the world as we know it.

Richard Attias, CEO of FII Institute, announced the not-for-profit think tank’s membership program, which will show the commitment of its members to impacting humanity and accessing world leaders to create a roadmap to do so.

Tony Robbins closed the event on its second day with the themes of hope and momentum, encouraging the in-person and virtual attendees to harness the value of the summit by taking a step forward because “everything is impossible until somebody does it and this room is filled with doers.”

The FII Institute’s Global Priority Summit will return to Miami in March 2024 and looks forward to continuing the dialogue across its platforms.​

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