Top Takeaways from FII Institute’s Global PRIORITY Summit – Day One

March 31, 2023

The Global Priority Summit, which brings together world leaders and international changemakers, hosted its first day of panels discussing top global concerns and exchanging ideas in order to formulate actionable solutions for the future.

MIAMI – (March 30, 2023) – The first day of the FII Institute’s two-day Global PRIORITY Summit that will host a total of 86 world-renowned speakers was buzzing with over 700 delegates.  The forum is aligned with the city’s initiative to become a tech and innovation hub and is being hosted at the Faena Forum in Miami Beach in partnership with the Mayor of the City of Miami, Francis X. Suarez.

FII Institute’s CEO, Richard Attias, announced the forthcoming release of the 2023 PRIORITY Report and Tracker, an interactive dashboard designed for leaders and policymakers to visualize and interpret the global priorities of citizens around the world. Attias highlighted, “the FII Institute’s mission is simple: humanity.  Our PRIORITY is people. Giving decision makers access to these resources will create a tangible, positive impact on humanity.”

Many of the summit’s panels focused on humanity’s most pressing concerns and global issues such as inflation, rising costof living, and the state of the global economy as well as other topics like cryptocurrency, e-sports, and many more. The in-person and virtual attendees also heard from world leaders from business, government, academia, civil society, technology, media and even TIME Magazine’s first-ever “Kid of the Year,” who highlighted the learning poverty experienced by children all over the world.

The influence of data was a key throughline across the panels, as the speakers emphasized the importance of using data to drive decisions that will then have an Impact on Humanity.  These impactful insights will then be utilized in achieving the Global PRIORITY Summit’s goal of creating a roadmap for the future with tangible calls to action.

Supported by its strategic partners, and due to the overwhelming success of the summit and opportunities in the City of Miami, FII Institute announced that it will be hosting another annual summit here in 2024.

The Global PRIORITY Summit powered by FII Institute looksforward to another day of impactful discussions tomorrow.

About FII Institute

THE FUTURE INVESTMENT INITIATIVE (FII) INSTITUTE is a new global nonprofit foundation with an investment arm and one agenda: Impact on Humanity. Global, inclusive and committed to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles, we foster great minds from around the world and turn ideas into real-world solutions in five critical areas: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics, Education, Healthcare and Sustainability.