Ending Deforestation

Explore the pressing issue of deforestation, its impact on climate change, biodiversity, and human health, and the global action needed to address it.


July 21, 2021
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The FII Institute is delighted to present our latest report: “Ending Deforestation: An Opportunity to Advance Human and Planetary Health.” This comprehensive briefing sheds light on the urgent global challenge of deforestation, its complex causes, and the significant impact it has on our climate, biodiversity, and global health.

Forests, which currently cover about 38% of Earth’s habitable land, serve as a vital cog in our life-support system. Their degradation and destruction contribute significantly to climate change, species extinction, and the spread of diseases. It is crucial to address deforestation by ensuring adequate protection and restoration of these ecosystems. The report offers an insightful understanding of the role of different stakeholders, including governments, private sector entities, and individuals, in tackling this urgent issue.

We invite you to download the report and delve into an engaging exploration of the current state of the world’s forests, the devastating consequences of their loss, and how we can harness the collective power to protect and preserve them for a sustainable and healthy future.

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