FII PRIORITY Summit 2023 – Post Event Report

The Global PRIORITY Summit returned in 2023 in Miami, attracting an impressive lineup of 86 world-renowned speakers and over 700 delegates to discuss pressing global issues, and the FII Institute plans to host the summit in Miami again in 22-23 February 2024.


April 19, 2023
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The FII PRIORITY Summit has returned for 2023, this time in Miami. Aligned with the city’s initiative to become a tech and innovation hub, the summit was held in partnership with the Mayor of the City of Miami, Francis X. Suarez.

The first day of the FII Institute’s two-day Global PRIORITY Summit hosted a total of 86 world-renowned speakers and buzzed with over 700 delegates, and the disruptive and unexpected conversations continued throughout the second day.

Many of the summit’s panels focused on humanity’s most pressing concerns and global issues such as inflation, rising cost of living, and the state of the global economy as well as other topics like cryptocurrency, e-sports, and many more.

The FII Institute, which organized the summit, plans to bring the Global PRIORITY Summit back to Miami in Feb 22-23 2024 and is eager to continue the dialogue across all its platforms. With the summit’s success, it is evident that it will continue to be a significant platform for leaders and experts to come together and discuss the issues that matter most.

Topics Included

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