AZmed has been the first French company to commercialize an AI-powered radiology software. For the last 10 years, the number of medical imaging acts has been multiplied by 2 in OECD countries, whereas the number of specialists able to analyze this flow of information has stagnated. Thus, radiologists have less and less time to take the right decision and less time with the patient himself. 
The company facilitates fracture X-ray diagnostics thanks to artificial intelligence. It helps doctors save time and dedicate resources to life-threatening exams. Deep learning technologies as developed by AZmed are fully integrated into doctors’ workflow, making it easy to use, without requiring any change in their work habits. We differentiate by focusing on low-level exams, to enable doctors to improve their daily productivity and optimize their workflows. AZmed solutions are already used in more than 250 healthcare institutions. More than 2500 doctors are using the solution on a daily basis, in 16 different countries and 3 continents.

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AI Driven, Smart Dignostics for Medical Imaging
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