October 26, 2023
  • Support for grassroots organizations in Brazil, Kenya and India.
  • Initiatives aim to take on some of humanity’s most pressing priorities.
  • Thousands of lives and communities will be positively impacted.

Riyadh, October 25, 2023

The FII Institute, the global non-profit organization that brings people together to deliver actionable solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges, is proud to announce the launch of four initiatives on three continents that will have long-lasting and sustainable impact for thousands of people in local communities.

In Brazil, FII Institute has partnered with ARCA, a grassroots community-based organization aiming to increase access to digital devices amongst youth, young adults and entrepreneurs in the oldest favela of São Paulo. The initiative will benefit 80 children and teenagers enrolled in school, 150 youths and adults in professional training, and 10 small business entrepreneurs. Some 8,000 people who live in the favela are involved in the initiative.

In Kenya, FII Institute has joined KenyaConnect to launch two initiatives in sustainability and education in rural Kenya.

  • In education, FII Institutewill help equip three schools in rural areas with computer labs and equipment to catalyze their coding and robotics clubs. Three schools with 875 students and 40 teachers will have access to digital learning, with another three primary schools with 671 students also involved in the project.
  • In sustainability, FII Institute will provide reliable access to clean water to 26 schools in rural Kenya by installing 26 tanks to collect rainwater. This initiative will directly benefit 6500 students and teachers who currently lack ready access to clean and drinkable water.

In India, FII-Institute has partnered with Grameena Vikas Kendram Society in a project to provide sustainable drinking water to rural communities in Andhra Pradesh by providing clean drinking water in villages through installing advanced water filters. The project will directly benefit 225 families, or more than a thousand individuals, who currently face challenges in accessing clean water supplies.

Richard Attias, CEO of Future Investment Initiative Institute:

“FII Institute is proud to back these valuable projects, which will directly benefit thousands of people at the grassroots level. The Institute’s mission is to bring about meaningful and impactful solutions to real-world challenges, and these initiatives are the perfect illustration of that philosophy in action.”


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