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Circular Carbon

Race is on to find solutions to slow down global warming! TO SLOW DOWN GLOBAL WARMING WE NEED TO REMOVE CARBON FROM THE AIR Numerous methods have been identified, both natural and technological, for extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Experts are urgently investigating their viability, relative costs and potential trade-offs, synergies and downsides.

Inclusive ESG For Emerging markets Post Event Report

WELCOME REMARKS FROM THE CEO OF FII INSTITUTE If the planet has huge problems – its temperature has warmed up to ice-cap-melting levels and its accelerating loss of animal and plant species has been described as a sixth mass extinction – it also potentially has  significant resources to devote to these problems. To stave off […]

Spotlight June 2022 – Teaching Robots

Can machines learn to walk and act in the real world in a similar way to how children do it? Starting from scratch, watching, copying, trying, failing, retrying? Learning to move is not as easy as learning to think – but the robots are getting closer.

Impact June 2022 – Digital Twin

A digital twin is the virtual version of something that happens or exists in physical space – whether a process, person, or object. The digital twin operates in the same way as their physical relative, and in real time, coded as a virtual model to carry out the same tasks or think in the same way. The concept of the digital twin has now moved out of industry and into everyday life with the rise of the Metaverse, as we start to see digital twins of ourselves likely to live, work, and play within it.

Redefining ESG Achieving Inclusive Global Sustainable Development

As we continue to battle a global pandemic, we need to rethink our approach to sustainability. For despite the progress achieved since the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted, and the growing alignment of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles with the SDGs, achieving just and inclusive sustainable development remains one of the major global challenges of our time.

The Nuanced Application of ESG: Event Recap

Nuanced ESG application was a dominant theme at the FII Institute Series inaugural ESG virtual event help on the 15th of April 2021. Speakers gathered virtually from around the world agreed that the tipping point for ESG in the global marketplace has passed. Today’s challenge is how ESG standards can be refined, standardized, and deployed across global markets to achieve maximum pact for society and the environment.

One-pager: Climate Bang for the Buck

Resources are scarce, and the challenge is huge: To fight climate change as efficiently as possible, we should globally invest in the mitigation technologies that can reduce greenhouse gases most efficiently. But what are they?

Spotlight Series: Factory in a Box

An unprecedented series of recent supply chain disruptions has highlighted the need for alternatives to complex global systems. Fast and versatile, microfactories the size of shipping containers can make supply chains more resilient and value creation more decentralized – with significant social and environmental benefits.

White Paper: FII Institute on ESG

An unprecedented series of recent supply chain disruptions have highlighted the need for alternatives to complex global systems. Fast and versatile, micro-factories the size of shipping containers can make supply chains more resilient and value creation more decentralized – with significant social and environmental benefits.

Two-pager: The Cigarette of Tomorrow

Cyber-Addiction and Cyber-Bullying pose serious risks for the health and wellbeing of the individual – especially for children and adolescents. How can society reduce these risks and increase digital wellbeing?

Spotlight Series: learning by founding social entrepreneurship in Refugee camps

The millions of inhabitants of refugee camps are often seen as people with zero options. And especially the young generation has next to no chances to get higher education and decent work. But entrepreneurship education can change that. Not for profit in the first place – but for a chance

One-pager: Zooming for Future

Home offices are far more sustainable than office-offices, we were told during the pandemic. But how much resources does working from home really save? And how sustainable will our post-COVID office-mix be?

Spotlight Series: Digital Magic Air

With 5G connectivity the air around us becomes magic – and our individual digital sphere will surround us continuously. And 5G even has the potential to be more than a data playground for the global elites. With a little help from space technology it can bridge the digital divide and create a level online playing field for humanity

One-pager: When Will We Meat Again

With skyrocketing food prices, the livelihood of billions of people is at risk. Plant-based alternatives to meat and milk can increase food security by decreasing livestock feed. The time is ripe for massive upscaling of meat and milk alternatives – and an equally massive down-scaling of prices.

One-pager: Vaccine Apartheid

The Covid-19 pandemics offered a great opportunity for the Global community to practice international solidarity. But the opportunity was missed, the multi-national institutions have failed to ensure equitable vaccine access. The prevailing “My-interest-first” policies have reduced the overall efficacy of the vaccination campaign and damaged the trust in global solidarity. International health policy needs a shift to humanity.

Impact Report 2022: Robotics Revolution

FII Institute publishes its fifth impact report as we enter a golden age for innovation in robotics. In the mid- 20th century, many scientists and writers envisioned the 2020s as full of highly intelligent robots of all shapes and sizes. While this might not have happened quite as imagined, things are now changing fast.

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