FII Institute
Latest investments

FII Institute invests in companies aiming towards a just and net-zero carbon society.

Plant Squad Is the Leader in Plant-Based Alternative Proteins in Emerging Markets Of Latin America.

Plant Squad

Ultim Technologies is a global innovator in hydrogen fuel cells that was founded in 2018.


Dogtooth Technologies is a Cambridge-based technology start-up that sells smart robots for harvesting soft fruits such as strawberries and raspberries.

Dogtooth Robotics

Creating a digital ecosystem for global seafood trade to bring transparency, traceability, and sustainability to the industry.

SeaFood Souq

Aiming to eradicate illegal logging and improve timber supply for both log buyers and sellers using a pioneering algorithm.


Creating a sustainable and accessible mode of high-speed air travel for every community


Environment-controlled pods for crop cultivation on Earth and life support in Space.


Revolutionary saltwater greenhouse innovators


Helping to Address Global Shortage in Radiologists