Don’t Forget Our Planet

Dive into a green recovery; explore nature-based solutions for a sustainable, resilient future.


May 21, 2020
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As the world emerges from the shadow of global lockdowns, a new dawn is upon us, one that brings not only hope but also immense responsibility. The FII Institute’s 2020 whitepaper, “Don’t forget our Planet!”, presents a clarion call for an inclusive and sustainable recovery. This comprehensive document, built on extensive research, interviews, and analysis of innovative projects, emphasizes our collective duty to reconnect with our natural environment and redefine our relationship with it.

The whitepaper underscores the economic potential of a sustainable recovery, capable of creating jobs, upgrading infrastructure, and delivering financial returns, all while preserving our planet. It brings to light the urgency of adopting nature-based solutions that unlock new avenues for growth and innovation. With a global sustainable restart in focus, the paper invites all stakeholders – individuals, companies, and investors – to rethink their connection with the planet.

Five significant messages resonate throughout the paper, each holding a crucial piece of the puzzle in understanding and shaping our sustainable future. The paper discusses the importance of leveraging the collective momentum for a sustainable recovery, the transformative role of technology in our interaction with nature, and the vital need to include the youth as a part of the solution.

As we turn our attention from rescue packages to recovery plans, this whitepaper serves as a crucial reminder: We must not forget our planet. The cost of inaction is too high to ignore, and the future that awaits us depends on the choices we make today.

Join us on this journey of discovery and change. Download the whitepaper and be a part of the global sustainable restart.

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Dive into a green recovery; explore nature-based solutions for a sustainable, resilient future.
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